Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is plenty to explore when it comes to dining in Las Vegas. The city has been growing as a culinary destination with an increasing number of restaurants, but what are some of the best? These dining destinations have stood the test of time and are still going strong.

While many of the best Las Vegas restaurants are located on the Strip, there are some fantastic food choices that can be found off the beaten path. Whether you are looking for a steakhouse or something more casual, you can find a restaurant that will satisfy your hunger. Some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas include Asian and Italian eateries.

There are also some restaurants in the city that offer gourmet spins on classic roast beef sandwiches. For example, at Naked City Pizza, you can order the “Royal Sub,” which includes mozzarella and iceburg lettuce. And, at Delilah Cafe, you can enjoy a gourmet brunch or dinner.

If you are interested in sushi, you can visit Sushi Roku. The menu features yellowtail foie gras, which can be prepared upon request. This restaurant also offers a great charcuterie and cheese board. Another great sushi spot is Other Mama, which serves sushi and a variety of other seafood dishes.

Among the best restaurants in Las Vegas are those that serve sustainable seafood. Restaurants in the area source plump tomatoes from Pahrump, Nevada, and bring in rare snow beef from Hokkaido. Those ingredients add flavor and a unique texture to dishes.

Some of the more famous chefs in the city include Wolfgang Puck, Oscar Amador, and Michael Symon. Their restaurants are renowned for their exquisite menus and gorgeous dining rooms.

In addition to being an excellent spot for dinner, Roy Choi’s restaurant is known for its speakeasy gimmick. Chef Diego Echavarria designed the menu, which pays homage to Los Angeles and the Las Vegas experience. You can get a tasting menu, which requires a reservation for eight people.

One of the newest steakhouses to open in Vegas is One Steakhouse. Built by the first family of steakhouses, this establishment boasts a rustic, wood-fired grill. It is also one of the newest luxury steakhouses in the city.

Top Round Cafe is another restaurant in the city that features mouth-watering fried chicken and beef in chili. This is available in a sandwich or tender. It is also available in gravy fries. To top it all off, you can drink shakes made with a blend of top-notch gelato and snap-o-razzo natural franks.

The latest culinary phenomenon in the city is La Neta. This restaurant features faux foliage, tall windows, stone walls, and a corner bar. With its vibrant food, lively vibe, and gorgeous views of the mountains, this is the perfect restaurant for any night out.

Despite the ever-expanding selection of restaurants, Las Vegas is still a hotspot for some of the world’s finest cuisine. Fortunately, you can find an incredible meal in every neighborhood of the city.