Witch Foot Prints | Halloween Crafts

Witch Foot Prints | Halloween Crafts



Footprint keepsakes are addicting.  These Halloween Witch Foot Prints are just too cute to do once!  You can do them with one child, both feet.  Or depending on the size of your canvas you can line up those cute little footprints and decorate them all like witches!

Supplies for the WITCH FOOT PRINTS

  • White Canvas
  • Orange Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Green Glitter
  • Black Glitter
  • Foam Brushes
  • Flat Back Gems
  • Halloween Ribbon
  • Wet Wipes


Witch Foot Prints Halloween

Witch Foot Prints | Halloween Crafts

The Paints – I prefer to use acrylic paints to tempura paints.  Canvas is so thirsty that I like the density of the acrylic.  We buy ours at Joannes in the little containers, usually about 50cents each bottle.

Foam Brushes – Aside from being super cheap, foam brushes spread the paint on evenly and quickly.  Kids tend to be ticklie on the feet!  Rinse them off once done so you can use them many more time.  Or if the paint dries, clean them with our Vinegar tip!

Glitter and Flat back Gems – While the paint is still wet I dust the witch footprints with glitter.  I used a hot glue gun for the gems but you can use any glue.  I just really like my hot glue gun, makes me feel crafty.


Witch Foot Prints | Halloween Crafts

If your at all nervous about a squigglie kiddo, do this on tile or a plate.  Plates and tiles have that smooth surface that is very forgiving.  Try to get the witch footprint fast but really focus on the outline of the foot.   Once you have it, and the lovely smear, don’t fear.  You can fix it up with the edge of a wet wipe.  Use your pinky dipped in the green paint to fill in the spaces that you had to overly clean or where the foot didn’t touch down.

I know, it sounds like it defeats the integrity of the footprint.  But, you wont care in 3 years as you look at the keepsake with loving memories.

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