St. Patricks Day Rainbow Food for Kids

St. Patricks Day Rainbow Food for Kids


St Patricks Day Rainbow Spaghetti by Real Moms of VegasWe love throwing rainbow parties for the kids friends when ever we can!  When St. Patricks Day comes around, we try to get more interesting with our foods for the kids.  This year, we’re trying Rainbow Spaghetti over a Pot of Gold.   It was pretty easy honestly!  The kids enjoyed eating a spaghetti rainbow as well as playing with it in a large bin.


St. Patricks Day Rainbow Food for Kids

There are so many things you can do with the rainbow spaghetti!  Some of my playgroup moms were not about to have their kids eat food dyed….food.  So we discussed some alternatives as we dumped it all into a bowl for the kids to squish with their fingers.   They had great fun and I came away with tons of ideas for Easter!


Rainbow Spaghetti by

St. Patricks Day Rainbow Food for Kids

When your stacking up natural dye to chemical food dye, you will notice the lighter result with the natural food dye.  This is due to the amount of natural dye needed to get the chemicals color.  Vegetable powders are great ways to add vivid colors without adding excess liquid, so if you’re wanting a deep red, for example, use beet powder rather than beet juice.

Red: Pure beet juice, pure pomegranate juice, or beet powder

Pink: Pure beet juice or pure cranberry juice

Orange: Pure carrot juice, carrot powder or paprika

Yellow: Ground turmeric, fresh turmeric juice or saffron

Green: Matcha powder, spirulina powder, parsley juice, wheatgrass juice, spinach juice, spinach powder or parsley powder

Blue: Pure blueberry juice, red cabbage leaves chopped and boiled for ½ hour—use the dyed water as your colorant

Purple: Purple grape juice

Tan: Bentonite clay powder (bentonite is an edible clay) – use sparingly

Brown: Instant coffee granules, pure espresso, heavily steeped black tea, cocoa powder, cinnamon

Black: activated charcoal powder (yes, it’s safe to eat and even beneficial!), or squid ink.

If you can’t get the color you want from making your own homemade natural food dyes, you can always buy a vegetable-based food coloring, but they’re pricey.

St. Patricks Day Food for Kids by RealMomsofVegas.comRainbow Spaghetti over a Potato Pot of Gold recipe and basic instructions:

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St. Patricks Day Food for Kids
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Serves: 4-6
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this adorable spaghetti rainbow with the baked potato pot of gold cheese! *Also perfect for rainbow parties and sensory play 🙂
  • Spaghetti Noodles
  • Food Coloring
  • Potato
  • Sour Cream
  • Yellow/Orange Cheese
  1. Pre-cook your spaghetti
  2. Separate into bowls for dying
  3. Using food coloring or natural food dyes - color each bowl
  4. Lay out the spaghetti on the plate to resemble a rainbow
  5. Bake your potato as you normally do - I microwave for 13 minutes after scrubbing and wrapping in a paper towel.
  6. Spread cheese on top of the potato and garnish with sour cream clouds

Do you use natural dyes for your food?  If yes, what is your favorite way to reach bright colors?


  1. LOVE this post!! I’m glad to see some natural dyes instead of food coloring – and your dyes really came out so vibrant! I’m off to pin and share this!

  2. This is incredible and exactly the thing I look for to make with the kids! I L:OVE IT~ and there are some dying options that I never would have thought of here – now to find them !! Thanks so much for this beneficial and super fun foodtivity for the kids.


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