Real “Step” Mom of Las Vegas

Real “Step” Mom of Las Vegas


Mother and Daughter

Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I’m a Real Mom of Las Vegas. If you want to get technical I’m a step mom as well.

My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship. To put it lightly, her mother left her at 8 months old. I have stepped up and been her mother ever since and always will be.

Some say I’m a brave kindhearted soul able to open my heart to an innocent child and raise as my own, and some have nastily said to my face how wrong it is of me to keep a child from her mother (those are the people who usually don’t know the whole story).

Is it hard being a step mom? Eh, in my situation, no. Not right this second. That’s my baby girl, I’m the only mother she knows. When she’s older I hope she still looks at me the same way!

As far as the “baby mama drama” it was REALLY bad in the beginning. . She was talking about having more children with my husband (I was pregnant at the time too), writing emails saying we took Renny Bear from her, and many other tedious annoying issues.

Having a biological daughter and a “step” daughter with my husband was really difficult in the beginning. Accusations of loving one child more than the other came up a lot. It broke my heart being a mom to a newborn and toddler. I was a new mom to an 8 month old.

There I was mothering a newborn baby trying to do everything right, and my husband springing heartache onto my plate. All I needed was to find a balance as with any new mom of 2 children.

Now that both of my girls are older Renny Bear, 4, Lex Mex, 3, that issue has faded. My husband’s insecurities on favoritism have vanished, thank goodness!

I feel so lucky, blessed, ecstatic that I have 2 children when doctors told me I would have none!

In my eyes I don’t see myself as a step mom. Renny Bear is my daughter in my heart, and will one day be legally my daughter on paper!

If you are a step mom, what challenges are you / have you faced?