Pumpkins and Carnival Fun

Pumpkins and Carnival Fun


Pumpkin and Carnival Fun

With fall fast approaching, Halloween fun and pumpkin carving time is right around the corner! Before we lived in Las Vegas, this time of year also meant a trip to the local pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins right off the vine. Obviously, the limited rain and intense heat we get in Las Vegas can limit the availability of pumpkin patches or at least the part of walking the field and picking your pumpkins right off the vine. Fortunately, as pumpkin picking time gets closer, free-standing pumpkin patch carnivals will be opened up.

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Our new annual tradition has changed a bit, but I think we enjoy it even more. When we are ready to go pick out our pumpkins to carve for the season, we drive on over to one of the pop-up pumpkin patches dispersed throughout town. We make a fun evening of the petting zoo, bounce houses, slides, carnival rides, and, of course, choose from the huge selection of pumpkins, squash, and gourds.

The carnival is great fun for our family. There are loads of picture opportunities, too. There are plenty of pumpkins and other fall fare stacked all around to choose. Hay bales are set up, stacked up and used to set the various fall vegetables on to create a cool fall display. Cute scarecrows and fall wooden signs are scattered around the carnival to create even more picture opportunities.

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All of the pumpkins and other fall fare are hand-selected from a local patch in California. Entry is free to pick pumpkins, squash, and take some memorable pictures. The rides, attractions and petting zoo require tickets. So get ready for some family fun! Get your camera ready, find those pumpkin carving tools and choose a scary pumpkin carving stencil for those pumpkins. Only 28 days until the pumpkin lots are open and 57 days until Halloween!

What is your favorite fall family tradition in Las Vegas?


  1. Where is the pumpkin patch that you described in your Pumpkins & Carnival article?

    I’ve been researching pumpkin patches but the articles are outdated and can’t find any local ones. HELP 🙁

    • Thanks for asking. The pumpkin patches typically open up on October first and have several locations. The locations can change from year to year, but typically stay the same. Depending on where you live, will depend on the nearest location for you. Some of the locations usually found are in the Centennial shopping area, a couple of places in Henderson (near Sunset Station and the Kmart on Southeastern), the Mountain’s Edge area on Warm Springs and Rainbow, and one in the Summerlin area near Flamingo and Grand Canyon. You won’t miss them, if you drive near one. I will try posting specifics as I find them.