Cascio pBone Trombone Review

Cascio pBone Trombone Review



Music has been a part of my kids’ lives for as long as I can remember. As infants, soothing sounds helped them sleep. They enjoyed listening to fun, lively music, to keep them happy. Toddler-hood included getting down with any and all music they would hear. They enjoyed tapping on keyboards, drum sets and the like, from various baby and toddler toys. Their love for music continues today.

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My kids really love learning to play various musical instruments and I really like to encourage their musical enjoyment. So, we were excited for the arrival of the Jiggs Whigham pBone, to review and get to keep, from the Cascio Interstate Music Store! It is a lightweight, plastic, durable and miniature version of a trombone. The pBone is great for beginning learners and inexperienced instrument handlers. The sturdy, yet lightweight construction is ideal for a child figuring out how to care for, handle and play a musical instrument.


My daughter instantly began trying to figure it all out, of course. Our house has had many instruments come through from the violin, cello to the alto/tenor saxophone and bassoon. My daughter doesn’t have much experience with instruments. limited to a recorder, so the Jiggs Whigham pBone trombone was a great way to broaden her experience. Her brother helped to guide her on how to create noise, initially, with her pBone trombone. She picked it up surprisingly quick, less than 5 minutes! The pBone had great sound quality, even though it isn’t made out of the traditional brass. It comes in several colors to choose from: for the standard pBone there are blue , green, red, yellow, black, orange, pink, white, and purple. For the pBone mini choose from red or blue.


Overall, we were super impressed with the sound quality, ease  of use, and experience with our pBone trombone. I would love to see kids get to experience more musical instruments, early on, and the pBone is an excellent choice. Unlike a standard trombone, the pBone can definitely hold up to smaller children bumping or dropping it; and it is way more affordable than the typical brass instrument. I would definitely recommend going with the pBone trombone to allow your child that beginning musical experience without the worry and stress of them learning how to care for it cautiously. Your child can gain experience and you will have piece of mind knowing they can learn proper handling and playing techniques, before moving to the more expensive and delicate versions.

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If you are looking to get a pBone trombone for your beginning music artist or for any other music needs; be sure and check out Cascio Interstate Music Store at Their online store offers a wide variety of other products, as well.