Party Time! Birthday Themes

Party Time! Birthday Themes


Party Time! Birthday Themes

Dealing with allergies in our family creates a small challenge of needing to control the birthday environment the best possible. Due to this challenge, I have always chosen to keep our birthday party celebrating at home. I can make the cake and frost it; knowing all the ingredients that went in are safe. I can control the snacks and treats, yet still make them enjoyable for non-allergic kids.

Anyone that has thrown a party also knows the costs can add up, especially if paying to host it at a business. Celebrating at home helps keep our birthday costs more reasonable for our budget. To make it fun, I try to come up with a creative birthday theme, which is not too expensive. It was super easy to come up with various cartoon favorites themes when my kids were smaller. As they get bigger, it gets much more challenging because they are outgrowing cartoon characters, so I have to get a little more creative.

Popcorn, Party

I always involve my kids to help stir my creative thought process. We will throw out different ideas and eventually end up with some great themes. For instance, the first year we moved to Vegas, my son came up with the brilliant idea of a Vegas themed party. We set up a little casino concept, with various games to win prizes, such as black jack, bingo, etc. I just geared the games toward the kids’ ages at the time. For goody bags, it was easy to find Vegas themed candy poker chips, an inexpensive deck of cards and party beads.

Another easy idea is the movie birthday theme. It would be super expensive to take a bunch of kids to the movies, so my son picked a few movies from the rental store for the birthday party. We stocked up with various movie candies, which are usually super cheap and on sale at lots of different places (except the movie theater, of course). I picked up some cheap popcorn tubs from a local dollar store, box of popcorn, and some party decor. The goody bags were just another movie box of candy and a bag of popcorn.

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Ready for the Movie

While these themes are pretty simple and we didn’t go all out and spend loads of money; the kids had a blast. I save money by not buying goody bag fillers, opting to keep it simple, plus most those silly toys and such break, get tossed down, and end up in the trash soon after making their way home.

The best part! The birthday kid always has a super time and creates some good forever memories.

What party themes have you used that are unique?