Organization and Budgeting

Organization and Budgeting


 Organization and BudgetingYou’ve read it, you’ve seen it! Families struggling to make it with just one income, god forbids your husband’s paycheck is short one week, or he has to transfer jobs due to contracting companies closing down. How do you survive until that next paycheck? That is the question many moms are getting advice from on social media’s like Facebook & Pinterest. Finding ways to stretch the budget, finding ways to make groceries last at least two weeks, making everyday meals last two or more days instead of one.

Many of us are doing it not by choice, but because of life’s situations, maybe taking care of a sick relative, or one spouse trying to finding employment during this economic crisis. Whatever the situation times are tough. I find myself being one of those moms. I am making our family budget stretch as far as possible. I am scouring the internet for recipes that will take me further into the week and I now make homemade laundry detergent to save money for my family; not because I am cheap, but to make our money go a little further. I am couponing now (going on 2 years) and I must say, “It is the best thing ever.” I am finding great deals on toothpaste, tissue paper, paper towels and more.

650 Binder

I have put together a budget binder and Household budget binder that help me keep track of all our household expenses it is simple and easy. If you are like me I can only keep this going by staying organized, my system has helped me keep my home running smoothly. Before I started I was late on bills and overdrawn on my checking account. Since I started the binder system my life has become so simple.

650-52 Week Challenge

To save money I am now contributing to the 52 week money challenge, it has become an internet sensation; I have even joined a group on Facebook to keep me accountable for my deposits. There are several members and we keep each other motivated to save. I have found that some do dip into their saving because of emergencies, but that is what it is there for emergencies. I have found plenty of times have I not stared that emergency fund our family would be in dire straits. This challenge is very easy and you start with a small amount. If you can afford to start out putting in $50 or more than by all means do so, but for those that need to start small this is a good way to save without breaking the bank. Trying to stretch what you already don’t have is hard enough, but the 52 week challenge makes it easy to save. Each week you save a certain amount of money for example: Week 1 you save $1.00 then week 2 you add an additional $1.00 making it $2.00 and so forth until you get to week 52 and you will have saved $1,378.00. Now who would not like to have that in an emergency fund?

Monthly Household Bill Binder

Household Bill Binder


  • 1 x 3 or 4 inch 3 ring binder
  • 1 x Calculator
  • 1 x Red Pin
  • 1 x 1 Pencil and eraser
  • 1 x Pack of Dividers of choice (choice how many packs needed)
  • 1 x Calendar

How it works: Left side of binder keep all unpaid bills in front pocket. Write down amount and due on calendar. Make Tabs for each bill. Once bill is paid remove and place in tab pocket and you do this each month until end of year.

I have noticed that having some type of savings gives me that “comfort feeling” of knowing if a situation was to arise we would not be counting on the next paycheck to get by. And it’s funny how having a savings those big problems that arise don’t seem so big, and the household is less stressed. Hopefully this information will provide your family with that comfort of knowing everything will be good.

650 Money evnelopes

Money envelope template can be found at