Mess Free Toddler Art

Mess Free Toddler Art


Yup, I said it: Mess Free Toddler Art.  It can be done, and clean up is easy too!  When I wanted to begin working with my toddler on colors I thought it would be fun to start with paint.  Ooshy Gooshy oh so messy paint.

Mess Free Toddler Art

Can you have mess free toddler art time and an easy clean up?

Mess Free Toddler ArtIn a word, yes!

Mess Free Toddler Art Supplies:

  • Bathtub
  • Crayola Tempura Paints
  • Toddler(s)


  • Use the tempura paints, the acrylic can get into your grout and cause a housework headache.
  • Don’t bother giving them a paint brush unless your okay with it going straight in their mouths.
  • Worried about the paint being ingested?  Make a batch of edible paint!
  • Rinse the tub then let your toddler clean off in the bath.

We used the following tempura paint:

You can also buy Edible Finger Paints if you’d prefer not to make them!