Lost Pet 101 | Tips & Helpful Resources

Lost Pet 101 | Tips & Helpful Resources


lost_dog_flyer1The panic and fear is setting in when you realized your beloved pet is missing. You don’t know how long they have been gone or where they could be. You just know every moment they are gone you are hoping they come back and you find them soon. Sometimes it just as easy as walking the neighborhood and finding your pet but sometimes it’s not and it takes more work in finding them. Here are a few tips and resources to help you when your pet has gone missing. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend microchipping your pet since identification tags on a collar can fall off or be removed by someone.

Grab a leash and start searching your neighborhood. Walk, Bike, Drive, Search. Talk to everyone you see and ask them if they have seen your pet. Look in bushes, under cars, behind anything you think your pet could be hiding at. If you suspect your pet could have gone in someone’s backyard, knock and ask them if they could check for you. My little dog JJ got out on me before and actually went into a neighbor’s backyard.

Talk to neighborhood children who are outside playing. One of the most helpful resources I have found is kids in the neighborhood. They tend to notice animals more than you realize, I have been able to reunite a lost dog because I asked the kids playing if they have seen the dog before and they told me the area they believed the dog lives in, sure enough they were close and I was able to reunited the puppy 3 hours after I found her.

Contact Your Local Animal Shelters. Contact and visit all local animal shelters within at least 60 miles of your area you last saw your pet. I suggest visiting the animal shelter every single day to check for your pet.

Local animal shelters with in 90 miles of Las Vegas. I actually was out in Mesquite and there was a dog that NHP had picked up that was registered to an owner in Las Vegas. Dogs tend to be an animal who wanders far unlike a cat who tends to stay in their neighborhood area.

Create a Lost Pet Flyer. Include any important information such as Name, Age, Sex, Breed, Color, Distinctive Markings, Collar, Microchipped, Location/Time Last Seen, anything you think might be helpful someone would need to identify your dog with you contact information. If offering a reward, don’t list how much you are willing to pay on the flyer, just say Reward.

lost flyer


Post Flyers and Ads everywhere you can. Most grocery stores, community centers, veterinary offices, pet supply stores (all Petsmarts & Petcos have a place for you to place a flyer), and other business might allow a place for you to place your flyer. Place highly noticeable flyers at major Traffic Intersection in your area and place smaller flyer on lamp posts. Do not post them on the Mail Cluster Boxes, I was told by my mailman that they are supposed to remove any flyers on them. Also, place advertisements in newspapers and with radio stations. Include your pet’s sex, age, weight, breed, color, and any special markings. When describing your pet, leave out one identifying characteristic and ask the person who finds your pet to describe it.

Try the internet. These sites may be able to help you out:

Try Social Media. Post your pet’s information & photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any social media outlets you may use and ask your friends to share your post. Share your post in local groups, community pages, your local animal shelters Facebook page, any where you think might get your pet’s picture and information out there.

Contact Local Rescue Groups & Organizations. Local rescues might be able to help with your search. Here are a few rescues in the Las Vegas Area

Don’t ever give up your search. There are stories of animals being missing for years who are reunited with their owners. Always continue your search and don’t give up on hope.