Lifeproof Case for iPhone

Lifeproof Case for iPhone


Lifeproof Case for iPhone is my families top pick for Summer fun in 2013!  The Lifeproof Case for iPhone is perfect for water parks, splash pads, fishing, and the loved monsoon season.

Lifeproof Case for iPhone

Lifeproof Case for iPhone

Lifeproof also makes cases for the iPhone 5 and your iPad!  Not sure why I’d need one for my iPad but I’m sure I can think of something!

Features I loved:

  • Shock Proof – Although I do not drop my phone daily, I do drop it enough to have broken 2 hard plastic cases.  Usually falls out of my car when I open my door or jumps out of my purse as I’m searching for something.
  • Water Proof – Seriously awesome.  I can whip out my phone at splash pads, pools, the beach, even in the rain (it does happen in Vegas) and have zero worry.
  • Underwater Sound – You can’t put it on one side of the pool and rock out to Pandora, but you can have it near you and hear the music very well!  I actually used my gym workout arm bad to hold it on my arm while I floated and rocked out to my favorite channels.
  • Shoots Great Video – As with any video you must steady yourself to get a good recording.  Underwater you hear the sounds of the water, gurgling and muffled voices.  Above water it’s still a little muffled.  Yet when I’m at a splash pad the audio is fine.
  • Photos are Clear – I was worried with the plastic over the photo lens that the photos would be muted but they came out crisp and clear!


Words of caution when using the Lifeproof Case for iPhone

  • Do Not open and close the case often.  I’ve herd its really only good for 50 opens as it compromises the seals.  Those seals keep the water out so it’s vital you check your seals every time you close it.
  • Do Not expect the case to handle above life situations.  Example, don’t drop it from your balcony into your pool.  It’s not made for high impact.  You’ll risk compromising your seal.
  • TEST the Lifeproof Case as the directions ask you to do and follow ALL the directions!

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