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I Support You | Ban Together Vegas


I Support YouI support you.  These are three little words that make a huge impact on our society.  Every mother needs to hear, feel and share support of our choices.  Too often we read of the debate, “Breastfeeding verse Formula Feeding”.  Why is this such a debate?

When I found out I was carrying twins I was elated and shocked.   People began informing me of what I needed to do, as if I no longer had a choice.  I was new with the “mom thing” as I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed of a family.  I had dreams of running an animal rescue group.  I hadn’t even held a baby much less changed a diaper.

As I looked into breastfeeding I was told with twins you just couldn’t do it.  When I joined the multiples support group several said you had to do it.  Uh-oh.  We have a debate?   Really?

I Support You

I support youThe breastfeeding camp told me if I didn’t breastfeed I’d be putting my child’s health in danger by using chemical ridden formula.

The formula feeding camp told me I’d loose my freedom and possibly my job by spending too much time pumping.

Of course there were more to both sides, both condemning the other.  I knew which ever camp I chose, I’d be wrong in someone’s eyes.  But did it really matter if they disapproved?  I’d like to say no – but I still feel like I have to validate my choice to not breastfeed.

With Breastfeeding Week being celebrated it’s time for all of us moms to ban together and fight for each other.   Drop the judgement, you do for you and I’ll do for me.  I’m done feeling the need to explain why I made my choices or feeling like a complete failure when my milk didn’t come in and took up formula feeding.  I made my choice, my kids are healthy and happy – I won.  We all have.

There is a fight we all need to ban together on….I Support You.  Let’s support the breastfeeding moms who are doing such a great job when feeding in public.  Let’s support the moms who chose not to breastfeed or can’t for a variety of reasons.

Let’s ban together Vegas, I Support You.

Please share your stories with us, of your triumphs or questions.  We are a great community!

I Support You



  1. I did both from birth on so my husband could feed too when we didn’t have breast milk in the stockpile. Both my kids are healthy and no illnesses growing up (I can’t remember either getting a cold/flu). If I had to do it over knowing what I do now, I would do the same.