DIY Ladybug Garden

DIY Ladybug Garden

Diy Ladybug garden

Are you done with your Ladybug or Turtle sandbox?  Try our DIY Ladybug Garden!  We converted our Ladybug Sandbox into a Ladybug Garden if a few simple steps.   This is a cute and fun way to get your kids into gardening.

DIY Ladybug Garden


This year my girls are old enough to garden on their own so the plants have a much better chance of survival.  To help your kids get into the excitement of gardening have them pick out their own herbs.  Herbs are the easiest to grow in this shallow planter and can be eaten right off the plant.  Kids love that quick satisfaction!

Kids in the Garden easy starter plants:

  • Cilantro
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Chives
  • Mint

These are herbs we often use in our kitchen.  Kids will love to go out to their Ladybug Garden to pick herbs to add to dinner.  This is also a great way to involve your kids in the kitchen!

DIY Ladybug Garden | Kids in the Garden

Although the sandbox has a lid, which is great to keep the kitties out, it wasn’t going to be very useful when using as a garden.  We cut the lid off and discarded.

Dump all the sand out of your Ladybug sandbox.  We found a ton of little bugs in the bottom making this choice better every moment.  This is a great project for the kids to help with!

DIY Ladybug Kids in the Garden

After empty we drilled several holes in the bottom, about 20 total.  The kids gathered rocks of all sizes and covered the entire bottom of the Ladybug Garden.  I’ve been told this helps with the roots.
DIY Ladybug Garden
Fill up your Ladybug Sandbox with potting soil and let your kids begin planting!  I bought a spray bottle for each child at The Dollar Store so they could each water the herbs but not over water.  The girls love to go out and spritz the Ladybug Garden when ever they wish!
DIY Ladybug Garden

DIY Ladybug Garden Steps:

  1. Remove all the sand
  2. Cut off the lid
  3. Drill several holes into the bottom
  4. Cover the bottom with rocks
  5. Fill with soil
  6. Plant as directed
  7. Water as needed

Some fun products you may want to check out to help get your kids in the garden:

*If your looking for a Ladybug or Frog Sandox for this DIY Garden Project, try Craigslist!