Chuck E. Cheese | 6 New Reasons I Will Be Going Back

Chuck E. Cheese | 6 New Reasons I Will Be Going Back


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I have been taking my niece Brooklynn to Chuck E. Cheese ever since she was a little over a year old and I wanted to take her some place that was clean and safe especially where she couldn’t wonder off. I’m so grateful for the Kid Check system because it gave me the security of not worrying about her having fun and wondering off or worst leaving with someone else like at other places. Brooklynn has always loved the food, the play area and the games so much that she would constantly ask to go to Chuck E. Cheese.

Whenever she saw the building or the Chuck E. Cheese logo, she would tell us she was hungry for pizza instantly even if we just ate. For about 3 years, we would go to Chuck E. Cheese about 3-4 times a month since Brooklynn loved it there. But I eventually stopped taking her as often because for as long as I can remember, I have never been a fan of the food. Even when I was younger and my friends all had their parties at Chuck E. Cheese, I would usually ask for the salad bar or I would make sure I ate something before I went since I couldn’t stand the pizza. I love the games and the play area at Chuck E. Cheese and have so many fond memories of playing with my friends, so that why I took Brooklynn so much since I wanted her to have the same fun.

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I was invited to a blogger’s media event to come and sample the new menu items. Brooklynn and her best friend were so excited when I told them that they could go to Chuck E. Cheese with me. They couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they were going to have together. And they couldn’t wait to play as many of the games as they could to win lots of tickets and get cool prizes with the tickets. And I know, they were both really excited for the pizza too. So fortunately for Brooklynn, my opinion on the food has changed with the introduction of the more sophisticated adult and kid friendly menu items available such as the option for Thin Crust, sandwiches, wraps, wings, breadsticks and new dessert items.

Here are 7 reasons why I will definitely be going back to Chuck E. Cheese again and again really soon.

20150211_163727#1. Soft Parmesan Breadsticks. These were probably one of the best breadsticks I have had in a while from a pizza place. They had a really good flavor that I didn’t need any dipping sauce for it.

20150211_165046#2. All new Chicken Caesar & Club Wraps and all new BBQ Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich. I love wraps and they tend to be the first thing I go for on a menu when I’m not sure what I want.  What I really like is that these wraps are made with a Whole Wheat Tortilla . I tried the Caesar wrap which the lettuce was crisp and fresh, which to me is very important because that shows the quality in the ingredients. When I order the wrap again, which I will, I’m going to plan on ordering it with the dressing on the side since there was just a little to much dressing on it.


20150211_165547#3. Two new dessert options – Cinnamon Breadsticks and Churros with white chocolate icing and salted caramel dipping sauce. Let me say that I am not a huge fan of desserts and sweet items but occasionally I will have something and I’m so glad I tried these. The White Chocolate Icing is to die for, it’s so good on the churros and cinnamon breadsticks. If I could I would eat the entire side of icing alone.


#4.The baked, boneless Chicken Wings with choice of BBQ or Sweet Chili. These were a hands down favorite for Brooklynn. She loved the BBQ but I was surprised when she ate 5 of the Sweet Chili wings as the sauce has just a little kick to it. She said it was the best thing she ate all night. I love that they are baked and not fried, I tend to try to avoid fried foods. They were moist and the sauces they use were very flavorful.


#5. Thin Crust Pizza as an option. I’m was so excited to find out they have a new thin crust option since I am not a fan of a thicker pizza crust. I usually always opt for thin crust wherever I go or when I make pizza at home. Brooklynn and her best friend love the new thin crust pizza which I was surprised since Brooklynn doesn’t normally like thin crust.


#6. Two New Signature Pizzas – Cali Alfredo and BBQ Chicken Pizza. I loved the new BBQ Chicken Pizza topped with crispy onions and BBQ drizzle, it was so good. I at first thought it was odd to have crispy onions on a pizza but they went perfectly together. I would definitely recommend the BBQ Chicken pizza to any looking for something a little different than just cheese or pepperoni pizza. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the new Cali Alfredo Pizza (with spinach, Alfredo sauce, chicken, mushrooms and sausage) because I was full from trying everything else. But this pizza looked  and smelled so good, I wish I wasn’t full.

If you were like me and thought they Chuck E. Cheese was ok, I would highly recommend you go and try the new menu items since I believe you wont be disappointed in the quality and options available. I can see several more trips to Chuck E. Cheese in my future very soon.

20150211_164434Bonus #7 Reason– There are still new menu items I didn’t get to try like the Cali Alfredo Pizza and the Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Bread.


Bonus, Bonus Reason #8 –  It will make me the World Best Aunt Ever since I’m taking her to Chuck E. Cheese

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    • I love watching the ticket blaster and seeing the kids try to catch them. My niece has thought about having her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese just for the ticket blaster.

  1. I have a special needs grand daughter who loves going to Chuck e cheese. Chuck e cheese in our neighborhood is so gentle and caring with her when he comes out to play with the little ones 🙂

  2. My kids favorite part about Chuck E Cheese is running around without mom having to be with them every second. Playing games and winning tickets to get stuff at the end.

  3. Chuck E Cheese definitely went through a “dark” time several years ago where half the games were always broken, less than reputable people frequented it, and the food really stunk. I’m glad they’ve fixed all of these things – I don’t feel like I need to sanitize when I leave now LOL!

  4. My son and grandson love being able to run around and have fun playing the games. I love the kid check so there is less worry and more fun.