White Candy Melt


If you want to add a bright, glossy coating to cookies, cake pops, or dessert bars, you can try white candy melt. These sweet treats are easy to make and come in a variety of colors.

Can I Eat Them Out Of The Bag?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen candy melts at your local grocery store and wondered what they’re made of. These tiny, round colored chocolates look like they’re just plain white but are actually a type of compound chocolate with a lot less expensive ingredients than real chocolate.

How to Use White Candy Melts

To make melted white candy melt, place the package in a microwave-safe bowl or a small melting pot and heat it on half power for 30 second intervals until melted. Be sure to keep an eye on it so you don’t overheat the candy.

You can also use a double boiler to melt the candy melts. Just be sure you have a glass bowl on top of the pot and a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

In addition, you can also use plain chocolate chips or bars in place of candy melts. They’re cheaper, easier to melt, and have a more similar consistency.

If you’re making a large batch, mix together a variety of different melts to create custom colors. For example, if you’re making a batch of blue candy melts, you can mix in some dark blue and white melts. You can also use red, yellow, or green melts to create different shades of rosy pink.