Emergency Contact Info | Car Seat Sticker

Emergency Contact Info | Car Seat Sticker


I really don’t want to think about it, but we have to.  What if you get into a car accident and are not able to talk to the emergency personal there to help your kids?  You need Emergency Contact Info Car Seat Stickers.  I have twins and honestly, I had to keep them in their own car seats so I knew who was who!  I don’t expect everyone to have that adaption, but most of our kids stay in a certain seat in the car.

How do we help the Emergency Team help our kids?  Real Moms of Vegas has created a Free Printable for Emergency Contact Info!  Print these out per car seat and write in your information.

To print your own Emergency Contact Info | Car Seat Sticker click here.

Car Seat Emergency Contact Sticker Real Moms of Vegas

Emergency Contact Info | Car Seat Sticker

What else can you do to ensure your child’s well being while you may be getting help as well?  We have created Phone Number BraceletsMake sure you pin these, makes it so much easier to find again!  With the bracelets, you can go anywhere and know your phone number will be correct.

The Emergency Contact Info | Car Seat Sticker takes the worry out of getting information to the right people.  But what if they’re in someone else’s car?  My kids are currently going to Summer Camp.  This Summer Camp goes on field trips, which I really like.  But how do I know their info goes with them?

With a Shoe Emergency Contact Info Sticker as well!

Shoe Safety Label Real Moms of Vegas

For the FREE Shoe Safety Label PRINTABLE Click here.

I think covering all your bases is the best policy.  What do you think is the best way to get the most important info to emergency personnel is?  We like stickers, will these work for your family?  What would you do differently?



  1. It’s a great idea, I just worry that the info would be too public, I never want strangers to know my son’s info.
    thanks for getting me to think of this!

  2. I agree, the info seems so public! But I do want the first responders to not have to search, even just knowing my kids names to help soothe them would be nice.

  3. As an emergency worker for an ambulance service, I think this is a GREAT idea! It would be SO helpful if we come across a child whose parent is unable to provide information. Many small children have stranger anxiety, especially when a loved on is hurt. And they don’t speak or are too afraid to speak. I have shared this idea on Facebook. I hope you get LOTS of hits to this blog post!

  4. I put my information in a luggage tag. It’s bright orange with a cross that says emergency. I was worried about having my sons info on a sicker on the side of my car seat where anyone could have red it.