5 Best Ways to save money for Christmas

5 Best Ways to save money for Christmas


5 Ways to save for the Christmas

Christmas is no SURPRISE! It comes the same time every year, yet many of us panic around October and realize that we don’t have any funds saved or put away. So I came up with a sure fire way to have money during the holidays and not dip into my savings accounts or my husband’s bi-weekly checks, because we all know we still have monthly bills that need to be paid. Here are the best ways to save money I have utilized over the years for the Christmas Holiday. But remember this just doesn’t need to be for Christmas, it can be done throughout the entire year.
1. Saving: Start saving in January. Open a Christmas fund and deposit any amount to accommodate your budget. I start with $25 dollar every two weeks, in 12 months you will have saved $600.

2. Bargain Shopping: After Christmas, I bargain shop at many stores. They are trying to get rid of any leftover holiday merchandise and many of the items are as low as 80% off. I do this for all the holidays.

3. Selling: Consignment, Yard Sales, and Facebook Yard Sales, I trade in my children’s gently used clothing and toys. Any household items that you are willing to part with can become extra cash.

4. Change: Loose change lying around the house can be stored in a coffee can and taking to your local bank. My bank has a coin deposit that allows me to bring my coins and have them directly deposited into my savings account. My husband does not like loose change in his pockets so whatever he leaves around the house I collect and by the end of the month I have an extra $25.

5. Couponing: The month before each holiday the papers will send out many coupons for holiday shopping, you can get bargains on items such as frosting, cookie dough, seasoning and many baking good.
It just takes a little imagination and it will help de-clutter your home as well. The holidays are meant to be shared and cherished with family and friends, not have you stressed out. Hopefully by following these simple steps it will help decrease the stress during the holiday season. Happy Savings!!!!