Back to School Tax Free Weekend

Back to School Tax Free Weekend

Back to School Tax Free Weekend

Back to School Tax Free WeekendBack to School Tax Free Weekend

When my kids were in school I used to love to take advantage of the back to school tax free weekend to save a little extra money on my purchases for the kids.

TAX FREE shopping is soon to blast into the back to school season and below I’ve created a list of tax free shopping days for your listed by state.

If I’ve missed one please let me know as I will try to keep this updated throughout the season!

NOTE: If there’s nothing listed under your state or your state is not listed I do not have current information for it. (BTW, You can see a complete break down of expenses and non-taxable items here.)

And a HUGE thanks to Surviving a Teacher’s Salary for helping us put this list together!

Back to School Tax Free Weekend

ALABAMA– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies, computers, books)

ARKANSAS– August 1-2 (clothing, supplies)

CONNECTICUT – August 16-22 (clothing, footwear)

FLORIDA-August 7-16

GEORGIA – July 31 – August 1 (clothing, supplies, computers)

IOWA– August 7-8 (clothing)

MARYLAND– August 9-15 (clothing, footwear)

MISSISSIPPI– July 31-August 1 (clothing, footwear)

MISSOURI– August 7-9 (clothing, computers, supplies)

NEW MEXICO– August 7-9 (clothing, computers, supplies)

OHIO– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies, instructional materials)

OKLAHOMA– August 7-9 (clothing)

SOUTH CAROLINA– August 7-9 (clothing, computer, supplies)

TENNESSEE– August 7-9 (clothing, computer, supplies)

TEXAS– August 7-9 (clothing, backpacks, supplies)

VIRGINIA– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies)

Back to School Tax Free Weekend