Babysitting Rates | How Much to Pay Yours

Babysitting Rates | How Much to Pay Yours

Babysitting Rates

Babysitting Rates Babysitting Rates

In various Facebooks I always see the topic about once a month of what babysitting rates are. First, let’s look at the top 5 occasions to hire a babysitter:

  1. Anniversary
  2. Holiday party
  3. Birthday
  4. New Year’s Eve
  5. Valentine’s Day

When you hire a babysitter for regular ole date night you may be paying one fee but it it’s for a holiday party, New Year’s Eve, or Valentine’s Day you should expect to pay a higher rate.

Now, let’s start with the average babysitting rate of $10 per hour and then consider other factors that will increase this hourly rate:

Babysitter’s Age
Parents will pay younger babysitters less per hour than someone who is older because normally they have less experience babysitting. But, this might not always be the case so be sure to find out how long the babysitter you are considering has been babysitting. Also, if you find a great babysitter, be sure to increase their rates every 6 – 12 months. This will be more in line with “what they are worth” and keep them loyal to be “your babysitter.”

A babysitter who has experience whether time, special needs, larger groups, etc. should be paid at a higher rate. Especially if they are CPR certified and / or have any other medical type training. Consider them a “specialist” since their skill set may differ from other babysitters.

Living in a rural area versus the suburbs may have an impact on how much you pay. And, if you live in a larger city you may pay even more since the cost of living may be higher, which of course might mean a higher rate.

Will you be providing transportation to and from your home, they are using public transportation, or using their own car? These are factors to consider when paying extra money to cover their gas or cabs, etc.

Number of Children
If your babysitter tends to 1 child for 4 hours at $10 an hour, that would be $40 for the night. Add additional children to the equation and you should raise your hourly rate. Depending on the ages, time of day, etc. you should pay at LEAST $2 extra per child.

Time of Day
Will your sitter be chasing little monkeys during the day or walking into a home with sleeping angels? The harder the gig, the more you should add to your hourly rate.

Will your sitter be playing chauffeur too while in charge of your little ones? If they are scooting one off to dance and another to soccer, then add a few bucks to your hourly rate.

If meal time is more than delivery or left overs prepared by your sitter, you might… you guessed it… add money to their hourly rate.

If you don’t want to add one to the hourly rate, you can by $10 an hour and then “bonus” on top of your final fee. It just depends on what factors you are working with and what you feel comfortable with.

NOTE: Always know what your bottom line is going to be so there is not that “awkward” moment at the end of the night when you try to figure out how much to pay them and you get the typical teen answer of “I don’t care…”


Babysitting Rates