Allergy Friendly Rice Crispy Treats

Allergy Friendly Rice Crispy Treats


One of my daughter’s favorite allergy-friendly treats to make at home is rice crispy treats. Of course, the pre-packaged, store-bought rice crispy treats version is much easier, but those versions contain dairy, which is a big allergy problem in our house and for many others out there.


If you have ever made your own homemade rice crispy treats, you also know that butter is used for a good reason. Butter helps prevent the marshmallows from sticking to the pan and your hands. The great invention of pre-melted marshmallows, saves the pan, but is an allergy issue for many, as well, because it contains eggs. The eggs serve to keep the marshmallows separated in that wonderful fluff form. We did avoid eggs at one point, but have been fortunate to successfully add them in; however, melting the marshmallows is way more fun and much easier to dye different colors, if desired.


We decided to attempt a cake-pop design of rice crispy treats on this day. The design and recipe were found on the back of the gluten-free Kellog’s rice krispies cereal box, we just modified it. I took a couple of bags of mini marshmallows, coated the pan with an allergy-safe cooking oil and began melting them down. After the marshmallows were melted some, I added green food dye to color them. I then left the marshmallow goo to cool some.


In a large bowl, we poured the box of rice crispies and I poured the cooled, melted green marshmallows on top.  My daughter and a friend put cooking oil on their hands and rubbed it around to help prevent the goo from sticking too bad. They then enjoyed mixing the melted marshmallows around in the cereal, until all was mixed up.

We typically will put the rice crispy treats into a glass pan, coated with oil, press evenly, cut into squares and enjoy!

This time we formed the now gooey cereal into ball shapes and put them on cake pop sticks.  We then placed the treats into the fridge to set up more, which is essential or they will fall of the sticks. After some time in the fridge, I let the girls decorate with pre-made, allergy-friendly frosting. We used white, blue and black dyed frosting for the decorating. Using a piping bag and round tip, the girls did a white circle, then a blue circle and finally a black circle for Mike’s eyeball. Finally, the horns were created with white frosting and a different tip for a pointy shape.


And here are rice crispy treats made into Mike, from Monsters Inc., for a simple, allergy-friendly, kid-friendly food craft. Enjoy!

Allergy Friendly Rice Krispy Treats
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 15 to 20
Easy and fun recipe to let the kids create and enjoy!
  • 1 box Gluten Free Rice Krispies
  • 2- 16oz bags of Gluten Free Marshmallows or Gluten Free Marshmallow Fluff (if eggs are safe)
  • Allergy Safe cooking spray or oil
  • Food coloring (optional)
  1. If using marshmallows instead of fluff, oil or spray a pan and put the marshmallows in the pan. Heat the marshmallows on low to medium heat stirring frequently (add food coloring at this time, if desired) until they are melted. Set aside to cool.
  2. Pour half of the Rice Krispies into a large bowl. Then pour half of the cooled melted marshmallows into the bowl. Begin mixing gently with a oiled spoon or my kids enjoy using their oiled hands. Add the remaining cereal to the bowl, along with the remaining melted marshmallows. Finish mixing it all together.
  3. Now, either spread the mixture into a 9 by 12 glass dish and flatten with spatula, cut in squares and serve.
  4. Or form into approx. 1-inch diameter balls, place a cake pop stick in the center and then set in fridge to firm up more.
  5. After 30 minutes, pull out of the fridge and begin decorating. We used frosting, but various candy pieces would work as well.



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