Allergies and Trick or Treating

Allergies and Trick or Treating


Allergies and Trick or Treating

As summer turns to fall, Fall Carnivals and Trick or Treating come along. During my trick or treating days, the best houses to visit were always the ones with loads of chocolate! A bag full of loads of chocolate goodies, caramels, cookies, and other similar sugar-laden treats meant you had success.

Halloween Costumes

As a parent of a child with allergies, these very same things are nightmare-inducing. The amount of candy that contains dairy, soy, nuts and other allergen ingredients is numerous. Many people don’t realize how many candies have allergenic ingredients. I encounter very well-meaning individuals that offer candies believed to be allergy-free that unfortunately do contain allergenic ingredients.

Since my daughter has never been anaphylactic, we can relax a bit in receiving candies and later remove the allergen offenders at home. We did come up with some other creative ways to avoid my daughter’s allergens and still enjoy trick or treat time.


  • The Halloween Fairy
    • We would participate in carnivals and trick or treating
    • Pick a few safe treats
    • Leave the rest for the Halloween Fairy to trade for a surprise
  • Passing out Safe Treats
    • My daughter would dress up and be the official candy dispenser
    • We only passed out safe treats
    • We could add a little note about allergies and what treats are safe

Pumpkin Gutting Time

Now that my daughter is older, she understands better and looks to see if there are allergy-friendly treats for her. If not, she tells them she is allergic to what candy they have and goes on her merry way.

If you want to be sure and include some safe candies for kids that have allergies, a good idea is to keep them in a separate bowl. Also, don’t let kids put their hands in each bowl due to potential cross contamination. It is safer for you to only hand out the allergy-friendly treats and let the kids pick from the others. Some kids still won’t be able to participate due to potential anaphylactic reactions and their individual sensitivities.

Pumpkin Carvings

Potentially safe candy alternatives for kids with food allergies: