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DIY Juggle Bubbles

Homemade Super Strong Bubbles

I have been on the search for Homemade Super Strong Bubbles ever since buying bubbles from the amazing Gymboree.  I have almost cracked their code, but just nearly.  I've asked the staff what the formula is, but the most I've gotten out of them is: It's edible and made from sugar.  I tried to reduce … [Read More...]

St Patricks Day Rainbow Spaghetti by Real Moms of Vegas

St. Patricks Day Rainbow Food for Kids

We love throwing rainbow parties for the kids friends when ever we can!  When St. Patricks Day comes around, we try to get more interesting with our foods for the kids.  This year, we're trying Rainbow Spaghetti over a Pot of Gold.   It was pretty easy honestly!  The kids enjoyed eating a spaghetti … [Read More...]

Zeuterin to Cure Dog Overpopulation - RealMomsofVegas

Zeuterin to cure Dog Overpopulation?

  The fight against dog and cat overpopulation has had a huge breakthrough!  Zeuterin in a sterilization shot set to release in America in mid February 2014. Zeuterin is the first-ever FDA-approved injectable sterilization compound.   Can Zeuterin to Cure Dog Overpopulation?  I believe so, … [Read More...]

social media moms

Social Media Moms of Vegas

Real Moms of Vegas is very excited to roll out our Social Medial Moms program! We know a lot of moms are very social using various platforms and we want to pay you to share information with your followers. How it works: Real Moms of Vegas will post an article on our site Social Media … [Read More...]

kids birthday parties las vegas 2

Kids Birthday Parties Las Vegas & Henderson

If you are looking for the best place to host your kids birthday party in Las Vegas or Henderson, you have found the largest list on the internet! Below is our birthday party list of venues for kids birthday parties for girls, boys, toddlers, and teens {and everything in between!}. No matter your … [Read More...]